PCPS Top Talent Survey

As soon as our economy shows significant signs of improvement, the issue of retaining clients will be replaced by the critical issue of attracting and retaining top talent within CPA firms. To enable our members to better understand what drives new professionals  to join and stay at their firms, the AICPA, led by its PCPS group, is launching a national survey to help us learn about the attitudes and aspirations of the most promising young accounting professionals.

The 2011 PCPS Top Talent survey has officially closed. Thanks to you it was our biggest yet with 1,195 respondents! This is nearly double the respondents from our previous survey.

What happens now? We are crunching your data and preparing a report to help you - our PCPS members - learn how the talent retention game has changed since the Great Recession and what you can do today, to hang onto your top performers.

Here are additional survey specific information:

  1. The PCPS Top Talent Survey gives you clear, solid benchmarks for talent retention and satisfaction compared to other CPA firms.
  2. For the first time ever, the PCPS Top Talent survey will investigate how to hang onto diverse talent, e.g. men v. women, life stages, non-American born, and more.
  3. PCPS published below the survey results - plus recommendations on how to hang onto top talent. This will give you powerful, data-driven practices to implement in your firm.

Click here to access our 2011 PCPS Top Talent Survey.