Practical Retirement Planning Resources from CPA Thought Leaders

February 12, 2019

Practical retirement planning

In The Adviser's Guide to Retirement and Elder Planning: Practical Retirement Planning, author Jim Shambo recognizes that retirement planning is both a science and an art. The author shows that you need to know both what you are talking about and also how to communicate it to your clients and prospects.

NEW! The 4th edition adds more planning ideas relating to TCJA opportunities and changes with some programs. Also included are the authors now post-retirement perspectives on the subject as well. 

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We give special thanks to our Thought Leadership Panel for providing valuable insights and creating resulting deliverables throughout the year: Lyle Benson, CPA/PFS, Jean-Luc Bourdon, CPA/PFS, Gina Chironis, CPA/PFS, Dirk Edwards, CPA/PFS, Michael Goodman, CPA/PFS, Charlie Kowal, CPA/PFS, Lori Luck, CPA/PFS, David Oransky, CPA/PFS, Ted Sarenski, CPA/PFS, Jim Shambo, CPA/PFS, Scott Sprinkle, CPA/PFS, Tracy Stewart, CPA/PFS, David Stolz, CPA/PFS, and Tom Trainor, CPA.