Tax Planning Calculator: A Graphical Calculator for Tax Planning After Tax Reform

September 4, 2018

The enactment of the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (ATRA), shifted the income tax code from two dimensional to a multi-dimensional system. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) rolled back some of these complications, nevertheless, long gone are the days when practitioners only had to consider the regular income tax brackets. What does this mean for the practitioner going forward? It means that virtually every financial decision now needs to be analyzed through the lens of multi-dimensional tax system. That is what the Tax Rate Calculator does, and more.

With the Tax Rate Calculator, you can finally see the full picture – the effect the multi-dimensional tax system has on their client. Simply enter the client’s actual or estimated financial information and the rest is done for you.

Note: PFP Section members have free access to this software. AICPA members and non-members can purchase the software with the manual soon! If you’re not a PFP Section member, click here to join for special pricing.

Calculator Features:

  • Annual Tax Rate Evaluator
  • "SID"
  • Annual Graphs
  • IRA Distribution Calculator
  • 3.8% NIIT Module
  • 15-Year Projection
  • 15-Year Summary
  • 15-Year Graphs
  • Gain Harvesting Calculator
  • Loss Harvesting Calculator
  • 3.8% Surtax Module
  • Social Security Module