Simple Roth Conversion Calculator

Created by Robert Keebler, CPA/PFS, MST, AEP, the Simple Roth Conversion Calculator assists the advisor in determining whether performing a basic Roth conversion is an appropriate choice for a given client. It is designed to compare investment growth, given a specific set of assumptions, if the client chooses to convert to a Roth versus remaining in a Traditional IRA. View demo.

Disclaimer: This calculator is not intended to make a recommendation as to whether a Roth conversion should be performed. Rather, the results of the computations are meant simply to assist an advisor in counseling his or her client on the suitability of a Roth conversion after the advisor takes into consideration all facts beyond those inputted into this program. This program should be viewed as only one tool to be utilized in the advisor’s tool box. Making the decision to convert is more than a mathematical or analytical question; it must be addressed holistically, taking into account a client's financial, retirement, income tax, and estate planning.

The Tax Rate Evaluator: A Graphical Calculator for Tax Planning After ATRA, also from Bob Keebler, includes an IRA distribution calculator that integrates the other complexities that need to be considered as a result of The American Taxpayer Relief Act. PFP/PFS members save 10% off the AICPA member price. Not a member? Join the PFP Section today!