Impact of Tax Reform on Planning Toolkit

Over the last decade, new tax legislation has added more complexity to planning for you individual, family and business owner clients. With tax reform in the spotlight, CPAs can take this opportunity to showcase their expertise, ask clients deeper questions about their goals, and weave tax planning into clients’ broader planning picture.

The following tools and resources will help you plan proactively for your clients.

Tax Reform Resource Center

The AICPA Tax Reform Resource Center is your home for comprehensive coverage on tax reform. This page is your go-to for information, resources and AICPA advocacy positions.

Online Learning


  • Tax reform overview
  • The qualified business income deduction
  • Estate planning considerations
  • IRAs and qualified plans
  • DrawDown and portfolio strategies

Web Events

Upcoming Events

Archive PFP Learning Library


Updated for 2020!

(Charts are graciously provided by Bob Keebler, CPA/PFS except as noted above and are exclusively available to PFP/PFS members.)

Client Communications

Broadridge Advisor (free access to PFP/PFS members) includes extensive-content written by CPAs, attorneys and other experts on planning strategies, new relevant laws, etc. that are articulated in client terms.

Additional Tools and Resources

The Adviser’s Guide to Financial and Estate Planning (under revision) - the 4-volume, 1,000 page guide, covering estate, tax, retirement, investment and risk management planning includes content on ATRA and NIIT (Volume 1 available to all; Volumes 2-4 are exclusively available to PFP/PFS members).

Roth Conversion Planning