Pathways of Real-Life CPA Financial Planners


With the increased demand and projected growth of personal financial planning services in areas such as estate, retirement, risk management and investments, CPAs are quite possibly the single most important decision makers for individuals and businesses, and it is time to realize that we do more than taxes.  There is an entire profession of CPA financial planners dedicated to advising clients on the financial decisions that will impact every facet of their lives.

If you enjoy interacting with people, are good with numbers, have an interest in personal finance, like to have a positive impact on others and want to  provide value-added and profitable services to your clients, a career as a CPA financial planner or CPA/Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) may be right for you.

View the infographic that shows:  

  • Projected growth in personal financial planning (PFP)
  • Where CPA financial planners can work
  • Pathways to becoming a CPA financial planner