Broadridge Advisor

Broadridge Advisor is a client education and communication tool that enables advisors to deliver current, concise and compliant resources to their clients. The content is written by CPAs, attorneys and other subject matter experts.

Broadridge provides access to more than 3,000 resources made up of over 2,300 articles, 200 illustrations and tables, 200 interactive calculators and over 400 presentations. The resources cover all areas of the broad subject matter that makes up personal financial planning, including estate, tax, retirement, investment and risk management planning.

Resources are continuously updated to reflect current legislation and industry trends. All of the resources can be searched with a Google-like search engine and they are also organized by 17 life events and 10 financial goals. Client contact information can be saved to efficiently email and track client responses. 

Broadridge has created hundreds of standard presentation templates. You can choose from any of the 3,000 resources to compile the presentations that uniquely fit your client’s needs. In addition, you have your choice of exporting your presentations to PDF, Word or an HTML email. There is also an option to have your presentations professionally printed for a fee. The PFP Section has a contract with Broadridge that enables members of the Section to access the Broadridge site and related resources directly from the PFP site ( This is one of the many benefits that members can access as part of their annual fee.

Note that documents can be saved as PDFs, HTML or Word documents and can be excerpted or added to your personalized content as relevant.

Types of Content

Broadridge Alerts
Broadridge Alerts keep you apprised of new legislation and regulations impacting your personal financial planning and tax practice. There are two types of alerts: consumer and advisor.

Broadridge Presentations
Broadridge Presentations allow you to tailor concept pieces and presentations that are specific to your clients needs. And you can personalize it for your clients. There are over 3,000 resources with many topics to choose from in 11 categories, including personal finance, estate planning, retirement planning and education planning to name a few.

Broadridge Concept Pieces
Broadridge's two-page concept pieces provide you with a high level overview of specific subject matter that you can use to educate your clients. You can create these pieces as an HTML email, PDF or Word document. With the HTML email version, you gain the ability to distribute each concept piece electronically without having to include the piece as a separate email attachment.

Broadridge Case Studies
Broadridge Case Studies concisely present an overview of a particular financial topic or planning concept, including a definition, examples and clients for whom it may be suitable to use in planning, as well as advantages and disadvantages. These pieces may be useful when doing lectures and other types of educational presentations.

Broadridge Calculator Presentations
Broadridge Calculators can be run as a standalone resource, and many can also be run as a full calculator presentation. Calculator presentations combine calculator output with appropriate content on the topic to create a comprehensive presentation.

How to Access


Broadridge Advisor is a part of your PFP Section membership benefits.

If you are a member of the PFP Section, inclusive of PFS Credential holders, go to the PFP homepage at Once on the homepage, click on the Broadridge Advisor link; enter your AICPA user ID and password and you will be taken to the Broadridge homepage where you will have access to the resources discussed in the introduction.

If you would like to gain full access to Broadridge Advisor, join the PFP Membership Section.