The CPA's Guide to Financial and Estate Planning 

    The CPA's Guide to Financial and Estate Planning
    is the premier guidebook for professionals who structure, tailor, and administer financial and estate plans. In the clearest of language, the guide explains all the important planning concepts, and examines the most important techniques used to set and meet the financial goals of clients and their families. The guide is released in four separate volumes.

    Updated for 2014: The CPA's Guide to Financial and Estate Planning
    This comprehensive 1000-page, 4-volume, downloadable publication provides guidance to CPAs advising clients in estate, tax, retirement, investment and risk management matters, as well as reflects the new law and planning implications of the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (ATRA) and net investment income tax. 

    Volume 1 (2014)

    • Chapter 1: The Art of Financial Planning (Non-members can download this chapter for free!)
    • Chapter 2: Estate and client analysis
    • Chapter 3: The Co-Ownership of property
    • Chapter 4: Lifetime gifts to individuals
    • Chapter 5: Charitable Giving
    • Chapter 6: The Use of Trusts

    Volume 2 (2014)

    • Chapter 7: Life Insurance
    • Chapter 8: Annuities
    • Chapter 9: Employee Benefits
    • Chapter 10: Transfers Includible in the Death of the Estate
    • Chapter 11: Wills (Non-members can download this chapter for free!)
    • Chapter 12: The Marital Deduction

    Volume 3 (2014)

    • Chapter 13: Powers of Appointment
    • Chapter 14: Selection and Appointment of Fiduciaries
    • Chapter 15: Postmortem Planning
    • Chapter 16: Planning for the Executive
    • Chapter 17: Planning for the Professional
    • Chapter 18: Closely Held Businesses – Choice of Business Form
    • Chapter 19: Planning for the Owner of the Closely Held Corporation (Non-members can download this chapter for free!)
    • Chapter 20: Planning for the Partner
    • Chapter 21: Planning for the Sole Proprietor
    • Chapter 22: Planning for the Farmer and Rancher
    • Chapter 23: Impact of Estate Freeze Rules on Intrafamily Transfers

    Volume 4 (2014)

    • Chapter 24: Planning for Marriage, Divorce, or Separation
    • Chapter 25: Planning for Nontraditional Couples
    • Chapter 26: Planning for the Elderly and Disabled
    • Chapter 27: Planning for Generation-Skipping Transfers
    • Chapter 28: Planning for a Personal Residence
    • Chapter 29: Medical Care by Proxy
    • Chapter 30: College Planning
    • Chapter 31: Investment and Financial Planning Strategies and Vehicles
    • Chapter 32: Family Income-Splitting Techniques
    • Chapter 33: Year-End and New Year Tax Planning
    • Chapter 34: Maximizing Deductions and Reducing Taxes
    • Chapter 35: Social Security Benefits, Medicare, and Medicaid
    • Chapter 36: Asset Protection: Problems, Issues, and Opportunities
    • Chapter 37: Portability: An Estate Planning Game-Changer – But Not As Simple As It Seems
    • Chapter 38: Planning for the Additional Medicare Tax and Net Investment Income Tax
    • Chapter 39: The Affordable Care Act: What Practitioners Need to Know and Do Now
    • Chapter 40: The Effects of the Supreme Court’s Decision on the Defense of Marriage Act
    • Chapter 41: Passive Activity Losses: Working with the Complex PAL Rules
    • Chapter 42: Planning for the 99 Percent – How to Plan for Estates Under $5 Million (Non-members can download this chapter for free!)
    • Chapter 43: Statement on Standards in Personal Financial Planning Services
    • Appendix

    4-Part Webcast Series: Planning After ATRA (2013)

    Non-members can download the following webcasts recordings and PowerPoints for free

    4-Part Webcast Series: Planning After ATRA: The CPA’s Guide to Financial and Estate Planning (2014)

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