Financial Decisions Guide - Elder Planning

For the CPA Financial Planner

December 4, 2018

Whether you are currently dealing with the loss of a loved one, or making decisions about an aging parent, or simply want to proactively be ready for the future, this guide will help identify many of the issues, decisions and programs of which the public should be aware.

The purpose of this guide is to educate the public on these issues and encourage them to seek professional assistance.

This guide is made available as a PDF at no charge for CPAs to use as they interact directly with their clients and prospects as well as other professionals who might be involved. 

2 versions available:

  • The standard PDF guide with the AICPA PFP Section logo
  • A new customizable version that can be personalized with your logo on the front cover and your name and contact information on the back cover (requires Adobe Acrobat for customizations)

How can CPAs use this Guide?
We have created a web page on the Consumer Content section specifically speaking to the consumer on this topic and allowing them to download the Guide.   Feel free to link to this consumer-focused web page from your company’s Web site.   

Clients or prospects that fall into one of these groups will benefit from this information:

  • Part of the sandwich generation – juggling both older parents and children
  • Pursuing an active retirement lifestyle
  • Young families concerned about planning for the unexpected
  • Anyone with special needs situations

CPAs might also use this Guide to develop relationships with other professionals that also work with your clients or prospects.   For example:

  • Attorneys
  • Geriatric care managers