SpectremAdvisor Newsletter and Reports

A benefit of the AICPA's PFP Section


Spectrem Group has provided PFP Section members with access to their SpectremAdvisor.com newsletters, articles and reports for financial advisors serving wealthy households.  SpectremAdvisor provides several levels of access.  PFP Section members (including PFS credential holders) will receive:

  • free access to the Spectrem Affluent Investor Index Newsletter
  • 45% discount on all other subscription newsletters and reports (with the provided coupon code)



Opinions of this information provider are their own and do not reflect an official position of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. These newsletters, reports and articles are available with the understanding that the author and publisher are not rendering legal, accounting, or other professional services on this web site.

What is SpectremAdvisor.com?
SpectremAdvisor.com is a resource for financial professionals who serve investors. You may draw upon the extensive experience, proprietary research, and deep knowledge-base available to understand insights that will help you gain greater success as advisors. Spectrem Group is an innovative consulting firm specializing in the affluent and retirement markets. We integrate fact-based insights from our market research with our practical expertise in building business, marketing and M&A strategies. We understand our client's business challenges because our knowledgeable, seasoned professionals have firsthand experience managing businesses in:

What Newsletters and Reports are Available?

In addition to these newsletters, you have access to hundreds of tips and articles to help you build your advisory practice.



What is included at the Various Subscription Levels?


SpectremAdvisor.com offers a tiered pricing structure for their newsletters.  If a PFP Section member chooses to subscribe, it is a relationship between them and Spectrem.  The AICPA has only negotiated a discount code that PFP Section members can use to set up their account and entitles them to the 45% discount.  The member will have a separate login and password from Spectrem for access to their website.


Here is what is included at each subscription level: