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2017 Archives


December 2018  In this issue…

  • Ladders of Complexity: Laddering level-premium term policies can lower the cost of insurance and help match coverage to need. But the calculations, and policy features, can be tricky.
  • The Profession: Introducing the Committee for a Fiduciary Standard.
  • Portfolio Management: A presentation at the Insider's Forum illustrated a portfolio risk greater than downside volatility, and also introduced tax-aware portfolio design.
  • Parting Thoughts: The FPA responds to my evaluation of its OneFPA Network initiative — and explains it further.

November 2018  In this issue…

  • Limitless Coaching: Stephanie Bogan’s new coaching experience blends psychology with community support and adds a real-world example of how effective the program can be for an advisory firm.
  • Client Services: Here's a risk tolerance instrument that maps client responses to specific portfolio mixes.
  • Investing: How to evaluate the characteristics of your model portfolios.
  • Tax Management: Capital Gains Valet consolidates distribution information from numerous fund families.
  • Parting Thoughts: A brighter future for planning?

October 2018  In this issue…

  • Investing: A new report ranks the robos on performance – and more.
  • Practice Management: How to handle billing outside of client AUM.
  • The Profession: Stark & Stark is now offering outsource compliance services.
  • Parting Thoughts: What’s the best way to honor the true pioneers of the planning world?

September 2018  In this issue…

  • Referral Reevaluation: Which referral programs offer the most value and which are not worth your time?
  • Client Services: Introducing a software package that fills in some of the analytical gaps in your existing planning program.
  • The Profession: Emotomy is the profession's first "robo as software" program and offers more than you need.
  • Parting Thoughts: The gap between rich and poor in America is growing. Could wider access to financial planning address that issue?

August 2018  In this issue…

  • The Center of Everything: The profession is about to get a journal that confers important academic prestige on its contributors.
  • Marketing: How to make your­self stand out in a very crowded marketplace.
  • The Profession: A new com­pany is solving the puzzle of pro­viding financial planning to the unwealthy by opening up "fiscal fitness clubs." 
  • Parting Thoughts: See the regulations that "producers" will have to follow if they sell life prod­ucts in New York.

July 2018  In this issue…

  • Best of the Best Ideas: The most useable highlights from the AICPA Engage conference.
  • Portfolio Management: Creating individual bond portfolios was never easier.
  • Client Services: A new company can help you evaluate, with some precision, your clients' expected lifespan for planning and cash flow calculations.
  • Parting Thoughts: Instead of focusing on rules, regulators should focus on harm done to clients.

June 2018  In this issue…

  • The Cyborg Cometh Synopsis: Here’s a first look at the profession’s first online (“robo”) financial planning engine—and what may be a better planning mousetrap.
  • Practice Management: How to find an outsource provider for compliance chores that have been sitting on your desk.
  • The Profession: An opportunity to get away from it all in the scenic wilds of Utah—and also talk shop for a week.
  • Parting Thoughts: My comment letter to the SEC on its Proposal for broker-dealer and RIA disclosures.

May 2018  In this issue…

  • Policy Platform: Removing commissions can make significant cost differences in various types of  contracts—but the real (radical) innovation is the transparency of cost structures.
  • Practice Marketing: How to modernize your marketing approach, using (horrors!) social media. 
  • Practice Management: a new workshop offers a realistic path toward $1 billion of assets under management.
  • Parting Thoughts: What does the diminishing value of investment advice mean under the new SEC regulatLory proposals and disclosures?

April 2018  In this issue...

  • Is it possible to accurately measure the impact onclients’ financial lives when they receive ‘suitable’ vs. ‘fiduciary’ recommendations?
  • Practice Management: Sometimes the biggest boosts to your personal productivity can come from low-tech sources. Consider, for example, a dictation service by Mobile Assistant.
  • The Profession: The Moneta Group is thriving with what looks like a modified silo structure to its client teams.
  • Parting Thoughts: The CFP Board has finalized its new Code. Time to wonder: what will the next one look like?

March 2018  In this issue…

  • Operations Community: Members can participate in monthly conference calls, access an active discussion board environment, and contribute to the development of new operations services and tools.
  • The Profession: The annual T3 conference in Ft. Lauderdale featured a bewildering number of product announcements plus a very good talk on social media marketing.
  • Client Services: Introducing a new risk tolerance assessment tool that uncovers a lot more than a client's risk profile.
  • Parting Thoughts: Who tells the SEC how to manage the marketplace? Alas, not fiduciary advisors.

February 2018
  In this issue…

  • The Chemistry of Better Conversations: Focus on relationship before task (or advice), listen to connect, and try to avoid providing solutions before you’ve given the client a chance to feel heard.
  • The Profession: From her remote work with clients to her recommendations, Kim Butler has created a path less traveled in the profession.
  • Client Services: Touchstone Pathway represents a client exploration toolkit that goes far beyond the sit-down initial interview process.
  • Parting Thoughts: Here's one way to drive the misleading "feebased" terminology out of the profession altogether.

January 2018  In this issue:

  • A 2-year program that helps G2 successors become leaders and think like owners
  • How one advisor is saving his clients thousands of dollars by focusing on their health insurance and Part D drug costs
  • Should we let the brokerage firms rewrite fiduciary or just hold them to some title restrictions?