AICPA PFS Exam Sponsorship Program

Reduce the cost of preparing for and taking the comprehensive PFS Exam

These awards are intended to encourage experienced CPAs who have an interest in personal financial planning to complete the credential’s examination requirement (using the comprehensive exam – this program does not apply to the certificate exam pathway) and ultimately obtain the CPA/PFS credential.

The sponsorship is only available to those that have not received a sponsorship payment in the past.  The payment will reimburse candidates for a portion of the expenses they have incurred after they complete the PFS exam.  Refer to the PFS Exam page ( for dates and details of the current exam. 

For PFP Section members, this sponsorship can reduce the net cost for preparing for and taking the comprehensive PFS exam.

There are two levels of sponsorship available, based on the type of exam review you are planning (all require you to sit for the comprehensive PFS exam):

You must be a PFP section member to qualify for the sponsorship. If you are not a PFP Section member, you can 
join online

As a section member, your PFP Boot Camp and comprehensive PFS exam are each discounted by $100 from the AICPA member price, more than covering the entire first year cost of PFP Section membership.


  • US Citizen or permanent resident
  • Valid, unrevoked, and active CPA license
  • AICPA member
  • PFP Section member
  • Anticipate meeting the CPA/PFS education and experience requirements within 6 months after completing the exam 
  • Purchase the PFP Boot Camp
  • Purchase and complete the PFS Exam

How does it work?

  1. Meet the sponsorship requirements by making the appropriate purchases
  2. Apply for the sponsorship
  3. Receive an approval email
  4. Take the comprehensive PFS exam (passing the exam is not required to qualify)
  5. After the exam period is over, receive a debit gift card containing your sponsorship award

If you have specific questions on this page, submit to the PFP Division staff via email at

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