What is Unique About a CPA/PFS? 

    As the professional home for CPA financial planners, the AICPA stands behind our members and the qualifications and expertise they bring to supporting their clients. CPA financial planners are part of a 125-year old highly regarded profession. You stand on your own.

    1. Your education, experience and examination level:  The comprehensive financial planning education, experience and expertise demonstrated through examination of the CPA/PFS are incremental to the CPA.
    2. Your objectivity and high standard of care:  CPAs adhere to a code of professional conduct that is universally recognized for the qualities of integrity, objectivity, due care and competence. These established principles have been an unwavering model for upholding the public’s best interest.
    3. The profession’s regulatory oversight:  In addition to the regulatory oversight from their investment license(s), CPA/PFS credential holders are subject to the regulation of their respective state boards of accountancy and strict professional ethics rules adopted by the boards to protect the public against fraud, incompetence and conflicts of interest.  Failure to comply with the ethical requirements of CPAs as they practice financial planning carries the potential of not just losing their PFS, but also their CPA license and ability to practice within that state. 

    With all of the uncertainty and complexities in today’s environment, now is the time to be inclusive and to stand together for the benefit of the public and recognize demonstrated expertise.  AICPA’s mission is to help our members provide the public with high quality and objective financial advice, and we are dedicated to supporting practitioners of our more than 380,000 membership who provide financial planning advice today or decide to do so in the future.

    The future has never been brighter for CPA financial planners and CPA/PFS credential holders. Membership is at an all-time high and the CPA/ PFS pathway, resources and support, within the AICPA PFP Section are stronger than ever before. We encourage you to spread the word about the unique value of CPA financial planners to your clients and to your peers. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the AICPA PFP staff at financialplanning@aicpa.org.

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