PFS Exam Review Options 

    Why the CPA/PFS Credential?

    • To build from a 125-year old established and regulated profession with the highest level of standards, ethics, and objectivity.

    • To build from your training, experience, testing and education as a CPA.

    • To demonstrate your commitment to continued learning.

    • To gain competence and confidence in the subject matter.

    • To demonstrate your expertise in the specialized topic of personal financial planning.

    • To show validation of your expertise by a respected independent professional body, the AICPA.

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    Review Options

    How do you like to study for an exam? In-person class, online class, on-demand online, or self-study? We have them all, you pick what is right for you!

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    In-Person - Personal Financial Planning Boot Camp

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    Registration Details for all PFP Boot Camps

    This class covers all areas in the PFP body of knowledge (income tax, estate, retirement, investment and insurance planning) in a systematic and highly engaging approach.  It will help attendees focus their exam preparation on those areas where the most effort is needed. Even if you are not taking the PFS exam, it is a great overview on how all areas of personal financial planning work together to meet your clients needs.

    These classes are held annually in June and December before the exam so that you can sit for the PFS exam soon after taking the class.  

    2016 dates and locations coming soon for the 2016 Boot Camp classes.

    Instructor Tom Tillery, an experienced practitioner, will provide an interactive and practical classroom experience with real-life examples.

    Pre-requisite: Attendees are highly encouraged to complete the self-study PFS Exam Review Course as advance preparation for this class (however it is required to qualify for the sponsorship reimbursement).

    Costs & Discounts available: 

    • $776 for PFP Section members ($100 savings)
    • $876 for AICPA, Tax Section, and state Society members
    • $1,095 for non-members   

    Apply for the PFS Exam Sponsorship and qualify for an additional $600 reimbursement after sitting for the PFS exam (requires PFP Section membership).

    Self-Study - The PFS Exam Review Course
    The current review material will be adequate preparation for the 2015 exam since we will provide a reference sheet with applicable tax tables, rates, and limits as a part of the exam.


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    In partnership with Keir Education Resources and The American College, this course will give a PFS exam candidate an overview of the relevant topics in a variety of formats to help prepare for the PFS exam. The course contains:

    Topical review material covering the areas in the foundational education:
    • 6 review digests and searchable PDFs with 32.5 hours of CPE
    • Online practice questions and flash cards
    • Covers: financial planning process and income tax, estate and retirement planning, investments, and insurance

    Practice exam questions to prepare for the exam:

    • Practice question book with random questions to provide more exam-like study conditions
    • Case studies with hundreds of practice questions
    • Sample questions from old PFS exam 

    Additional reference material:

    • The AICPA's Statement on Standards in Personal Financial Planning Services (SSPFPS No. 1) for review  (it is tested on the exam)
    • PFS Exam Content Specification Outline

    Costs & Discounts available (purchase course):

    • $499 for PFP Section members ($100 savings)
    • $549 for Tax Section members ($50 savings)
    • Purchase with the PFS Exam and save an additional 10%

    Apply for the PFS Exam Sponsorship before the exam and qualify for an additional $200 reimbursement after sitting for the PFS exam (requires PFP Section membership). 

    Online - Virtual PFP Boot Camp

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    Registration Details for all PFP Boot Camps

    Join a virtual group study with a rebroadcast of the PFP Boot Camp with 20 hours of CPE.  If you purchase these classes but cannot attend on the live date (for CPE credit), the archived recording will be available to you on-demand (with no CPE credit).

    Tom Tillery, the Instructor, will be online and available to answer questions during the broadcast

    2016 dates and locations coming soon for the 2016 Summer Boot Camp classes.

    Costs & Discounts available (3 options):

    • Purchase and attend the entire PFP Boot Camp covering the entire PFS exam outline (20 hours of CPE) at $695 for PFP Section members ($100 savings) 
    • Purchase individual sessions (with 3 hours of CPE each) at $119 for PFP Section members ($20 savings) 
    • Purchase the entire series to listen to on-demand with no CPE credit and prepare for the exam at your leisure

    Apply for the PFS Exam Sponsorship and qualify for an additional $400 reimbursement after sitting for the PFS exam (requires PFP Section membership).

    On-Demand - PFP Boot Camp Recording

    Registration/Purchase Details for all PFP Boot Camps

    For those that do not need the CPE and want to experience the PFP Boot Camp on your own time, we also offer the PFP Boot Camp as an on-demand recording of all seven sessions.

    Purchase the on-demand recording of the PFP Boot Camp at CPA2Biz.

    Cost Summary

    PFP Section members can benefit from discount pricing to prepare for and take the PFS exam, receiving 32.5 hours of CPE for as low as $407.50 (with the sponsorship reimbursement)!  Prices below reflect PFP Section discounts.


     PFP Section Member Costs

     Self-study Review Option 

    Online Virtual Group Study Review Option

     In-person Review Class Option

    PFS Exam Review Self Study Course




    Online Virtual PFP Boot Camp Class*




    In person PFP Boot Camp Class




    PFS Exam 




    10% discount for purchasing the self-study review course and exam together 




     PFS Exam Sponsorship (if qualified)









    32.5 hrs. CPE & exam

    32.5 hrs. CPE & exam

    56.5 hrs. CPE & exam

    *The self-study review course is highly recommended as a pre-requisite for the in-person or online PFP Boot Camp classes. It is required to qualify for any of the exam sponsorships.

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