You Are The Value! The Challenge to Know, Price and Sell Your Value

Originally aired 9/19/13

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Accountants today need to run their business like a CEO, leveraging their value to drive their pricing.  Unfortunately, many CPA’s do not apply enough time, thought or rigor in knowing and pricing their value. If you believe that knowing and pricing your value is one of the most important business decisions you need to make and you need some help and perspective in this area, this is a webinar to consider.

Based on the belief that you need to know your value before you can price your value, this webcast will help you to run your business like a CEO.  You will learn how the strategic interplay of three key elements will help you to move the revenue and profitability metrics of your firm.  You will revisit the value you deliver, the price you charge and how your clients perceive value in the relationship.