Proactive Year-End Financial and Tax Planning Series: Year-End Financial and Tax Planning Strategies to Address ATRA and the Net Investment Income Tax

Originally aired 10/25/13


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Pulling back from the “fiscal cliff” at the 13th hour, the President signed the American Taxpayer Relief Act (ATRA) into law on January 2nd. ATRA and Net Investment Income Tax (NIIT) have added more complexity to planning given that you now have to navigate through five layers (regular tax, alternative minimum tax, NIIT, re-introduction of phase-out in itemized deductions and the increased 39.6% bracket which also throws in higher capital gains rates) in conjunction with running multi-year scenarios to gain a clear picture of the tax landscape. Also, the estate planning dynamic is now changed with the permanence of the $5 million gift, GST and estate exemption and portability.

The integration of tax planning with your client’s investment, retirement and estate planning strategy is critical to achieving long term favorable outcomes. CPA financial planners now have an unprecedented opportunity to demonstrate their value to clients by providing guidance, planning, and tax expertise in 2013. A panel of experts will lead CPA financial planning practitioners through a discussion of strategies that they are implementing with their clients. In this webcast, you will learn:

  • An overview of the decisions made by Congress 
  • The impact of these changes to your clients and their estates, taxes, and financial plans
  • Actionable strategies to use with your individual clients before December 31