Strategies for Pre-Retirees and Retirees to Not Outlive Their Money During Times of Below- Normal Market Returns

Originally aired 10/24/13

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Many pre-retiree and retirees who experienced significant investment losses during 2008 and 2009 are still behind according to where the value of their retirement assets should be at this point in time for there to be sufficient confidence they will not outlive their funds. With both equity and fixed income returns predicted to be lower than normal over the next five to ten years as we move through the second half of the secular bear market, it is imperative for financial advisors to have concrete, timely allocation strategies to present to their clients that will likely remove the risk of them outliving their funds. During this session you will discover innovative approaches to portfolio allocation specifically tailored for the market cycle we are currently experiencing and which prepares retirees for the next secular market trends that await us.