2017 PFP Summit: An Experience for Leaders Among Leaders

The AICPA Personal Financial Planning Summit is a one-of-a-kind occasion for the profession’s
innovators to:
  • Experience an event unlike any “conference” you have attended in the past, given the A-list attendees, lively discussions and interactive sessions facilitated by Jill Schlesinger.
  • Deepen professional relationships both in and out of the meeting suite, with nightly receptions and networking activities on the event property. Choose from a range of excursions during the summit.
  • Compare notes with esteemed peers representing tax, estate, retirement, investment and risk advisory services in leading financial planning and wealth management firms.

Positioning Your Firm for the Future

PFP Summit is an opportunity to compare notes with esteemed peers, challenge conventional thinking and shape future legacy.

The Future of the Profession

Evaluate demographic shifts, changes in the delivery of personal financial planning services, the role of technology and challenges of differentiation in marketing.

Transformative Financial Planning

Turn thought-provoking concepts into pragmatic takeaways, such as building a supportive environment, touching both the hearts and minds of clients and increasing your transformative influence in their lives.

Building Trust with Your Clients

Discover the “Three Dimensions of Trust” and how they impact your first meetings and ongoing client conversations.

The Leadership Pipeline: Recruiting, Mentoring and Developing the Next Generation

Gain a deeper understanding of developing employees and a compendium of basic habits and tools for developing team members at every level.

Succession Planning from All Angles

Develop a plan for creating the firm you want in the future. Discussions will be facilitated both from the perspective of the successor and the founder.

The Lessons of a Limitless Leader

Consider the possibilities of limitless success, happiness and wealth. This session will offer insights to ignite leadership thought.

Join us at the 2017 PFP Summit, January 23 – 25 at the Terrenea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

Register here or email financialplanning@aicpa.org for more information.