PFP Video Podcast Series: Banish Burnout: Boost Your Personal Efficiency, Effectiveness & Energy

How do you typically end your day?  Is your cup of gratitude full for having accomplished what you set out to do?  Or is it empty, leaving you burned out, overwhelmed, and ruminating about a to-do list that continues to grow? This 3-part video podcast series offers practical personal development and time management techniques you can use immediately to regain control over a business that’s running your life.  Coach Maria Marsala provides you with the tools and action steps to build new personal and business habits. Kick overwhelm to the curb and live better.  Attack your to-do list with a re-energized attitude.  Learn how to find more time and create more energy for yourself.  Discover what’s holding you back and banish burnout for good!

Part 3: Recording | Slides
Finding More Time in Your Day (20 to 30 min)

  • Uncover your tolerations and discover why they waste your time and drain your energy.
  • Discover the simple time management solution that increases productivity 3X or more.

Part 2
:  Recording | Slides
Increasing Your Personal Energy (20 to 30 min)

  • Reenergize your life as you learn to live by design rather than by default.
  • Maslow had it half right: notice the ways your firm can be your key to life full-fillment.

Part 1
Recording | Slides
Introduction to Burnout - What is Burnout and How Did You Get Here? (15 to 20 min)

  • Identify the symptoms of burnout in your life (some will surprise you).
  • Take your first step off the hamster wheel and get back on course.