Webcast: The Life Planning Perspective: An Interview with George Kinder

Seminar recording

Although the term “Life Planning” was coined nearly two decades ago, most financial planners are still relatively unfamiliar with the term, let alone its promise and methodology. However, as technology threatens to commoditize investment management and tax preparation, traditional advisers are becoming increasingly interested in setting themselves apart by providing a more humanistic approach and building deeper relationships with their clients. George Kinder, the father of the Life Planning movement will join us for a 75-minute interview to discuss what Life Planning is and why you should consider adopting it’s principles into your practice.

In this webcast, you will:
  • Become familiar with the practice of Life Planning and its benefits to clients and advisers
  • Learn which non-technical skills are most important to gaining client trust
  • Understand the difference between Life Planning and therapy
  • Explore ways to incorporate a client’s life aspirations into their financial plan