Webcast: 10 Critical IRA Errors Advisors Must Avoid

August 12, 2020

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Don’t make these mistakes! For more than 40 years, IRAs have been available as a retirement-savings vehicle, but the rules surrounding them are constantly changing, and they are incredibly – and deceptively – complex. Each year, client mistakes, advisor errors and oversights by financial institutions cost clients millions of dollars in unnecessary taxation. During this webcast we will review the most common mistakes and oversights so you can help your clients avoid them and save money.

In this webcast, Jeff Levine will:

  • Evaluate the costly Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) errors many advisors make, without even knowing it
  • Identify surprising implications for creditor protection when moving retirement assets.
  • Explore common mistakes made when beneficiaries inherit retirement accounts.
  • Determine other costly IRA errors that can derail a client’s retirement plan.