Webcast: Top Tax Planning Strategies in the Current Environment

May 12, 2020

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From its late February high to late March low, the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost one-third of its value. Since then, the market has been defined by uncertainty. Interest rates plummeted, and volatility reached financial crisis levels. Moreover, oil prices declined to a two-decade low. Besides the health of loved ones, clients are likely feeling distressed over the loss in their asset values and questioning whether they are on track to meet their financial goals.

Tax planning has become even more important in the current environment as it’s a proactive way in an uncertain environment to protect wealth by minimizing tax liabilities. In this webcast, Bob Keebler, CPA/PFS, will discuss key tax planning strategies to consider now such as:

  • Roth conversions in a volatile market
  • Roth planning considerations as a result of SECURE and CARES Act
  • Loss Harvesting
  • ISO & NQSO Exercise
  • Unwinding NUA positions
  • “De-Risking” a concentrated portfolio
  • Basic Bond Premium Tax Issues