Webcast: A seismic shift in your clients’ tax and financial plans

January 10, 2020

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The SECURE Act could affect everything from required minimum distributions (RMDs) and inheritances. Perhaps the most significant change for your clients is the elimination of the “stretch” IRA in favor of the “10-year rule.” Effective January 1st, this change will decrease wealth transfer and require estate plan updates.

To avoid a potential tax disaster, your clients who have substantial qualified plan or IRA must reconsider beneficiary designations and trust provisions. Join Bob Keebler, CPA/PFS to learn:

  • Practical protocols and actionable takeaways to help you and your clients
  • Urgent estate administration protocols for late 2019 deaths
  • Urgent protocols to avoid disasters in case of early 2020 deaths
  • The conduit trust RMD disaster and solutions – why most conduit trusts are now imprudent or worse
  • Reformations and decanting to avoid a spendthrift disaster
  • Selecting the right “heir” to receive the IRA
  • The new spousal rollover trap and disclaimer planning
  • IRD meets DNI – understanding the taxation of trusts named as IRA beneficiaries
  • Examples to explain the quantitative difference under the new law compared to the old
  • Using CRTs to maintain deferral and bracket management - the law and the math
  • The mathematics of SECURE Act motivated Roth conversions for better bracket management and greater wealth transfer
  • Using IRA trusts in low tax states to achieve state tax savings by avoiding or delaying the state taxation of the lump sum payout
  • Using single life insurance to enhance bracket management - the unbiased math
  • Using Second-to-Die insurance to increase wealth transfer
  • Urgent action steps for ill and dying clients including avoiding conduit trusts and using out of state trusts 

Date of event: 01-10-2020