Webcast: Humanizing A.I. to Deepen Client Relationships

May 9, 2019

Recording | Slides

Artificial Intelligence promises many benefits to today's planners—efficiency, growth, savings and even automation. But what about the human side of advising? Instead of seeing A.I. as the less human way of doing business, what if A.I. became your superhuman advantage? What if A.I. automated all of the repetitive and administrative parts of your job and allowed you to focus on what you do best—serving clients? In this webinar, we'll review current A.I. technologies and a framework for making technology decisions in your practice. You can expect to learn:

  • How planners can realize the benefits of A.I. without the downsides
  • How to look past the hype cycle and see real opportunities
  • How to use A.I. to create experiences that are better for you and your team, your clients, and the bottom line