Webcast: Evaluating Existing Variable Annuities: What Every Advisor Needs to Know

June 28, 2017


Are you ever challenged when a prospective client comes to you with an existing annuity, wondering what to do with it, and you find yourself unsure of whether you’re about to do the right thing because you don’t regularly work with annuities? In this session, noted financial planner Michael Kitces, co-author of the unbiased and objective book “The Advisor’s Guide to Annuities”, will provide you with an understanding of: the importance of cash, surrender, death, and other values associated with an annuity; the tax complex rules (including important grandfathered laws you shouldn’t overlook!); common annuity rider guarantees of which you must be aware; the impact of withdrawals on annuity guarantees; and the issues that you should be considering when crafting a recommendation.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define the various Parties to the Contract in a variable annuity.
  2. Explain the many current values that are associated with a variable annuity and why each is different than the other.
  3. Identify the recent trends in living benefit riders, and describe the differences between the GMIB rider and the GMWB rider.
  4. Illustrate an understanding of how variable annuities are taxed. Explain any penalties, how gains/losses are calculated, the taxation of withdrawals, and the deductibility of losses.
  5. List and identify the many common purposes of a variable annuity.