CPA Financial Planning Thought Leadership: Being the Advisor of Choice

Originally aired July 15, 2014

Seminar recording | Presentation materials

Over the past three decades, a growing number of CPAs have expanded their service offerings to individuals and families beyond tax compliance to address and plan for all aspects of client’s financial lives including educating children, transferring wealth, protecting assets, funding retirement, and more. Not only does this expansion of service offerings open up new revenue streams and deepen client relationships, but also brings CPA financial planners fulfillment as they work to help their clients realize their financial goals.

In this webcast, a panel of thought leaders will share their perspectives on:

  • the value proposition for the CPA financial planner,
  • how the CPA is uniquely positioned to be the “advisor of choice” on all financial matters for individuals, families and business owners,
  • the benefits of this expanded business model to the practitioner and firm, and
  • the outlook for the future.