Advising and Communicating with Clients in the Current Market and Interest Rate Environment

originally aired 6/6/2013

Seminar recording | Presentation materials

A panel of leading CPA financial planners discusses investment strategies and effective client communication in connection with the recent market highs and this low interest rate environment. In this web seminar, you will learn:

  • Factors driving the markets to a higher level and what it means for your clients.
  • What will happen to the bond market when interest rates begin to rise? Have you talked with clients about meeting their fixed income needs?
  • "Alternative" assets and how to address these and other asset classes in your clients’ portfolios
  • How your overall investment strategy and approach impact these topics and your discussions with clients.
  • What you should be doing NOW in your conversations with clients and how do you make sure you are doing all that you should to communicate with them?