Webcast: Business Succession Planning

Recording | Presentation material

In this webcast, Steve Siegel will discuss the various issues and alternatives that arise with respect to succession planning for the owners of privately-held businesses. You will learn to:

  • Evaluate the viability of gifting one’s family business interest to family members in light of the federal gift tax rules.
  • Determine if gifting the business to family members will leave sufficient liquidity within the family for ongoing support and eventual federal estate taxes, and what planning techniques can be used to improve this situation.
  • Address the different varieties of buy-sell agreements with third parties, and advise clients as to the many issues and decisions that must be taken into account in structuring an appropriate agreement.
  • Describe the various tax issues that arise when buying or selling a business, including distinguishing the tax consequences arising from the sale of the assets of the business and the sale of stock of the business.