Webcast: Life Insurance Policy Reviews: What CPAs Need To Know When Serving Individual Clients

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Life insurance is a key component of a risk management strategy and is an extremely important tool in helping protect a family’s future income should something happen to one or more of the family’s main wage earners. In this session, we take an in-depth look at the four major types of life insurance policies available today. Financial planners must understand the differences in the fundamental structures of each policy. We also explain what questions need to be ask as it relates to each policy, how the premiums work, and what they cover, along with giving next step actions for financial planners to review with their clients. Lastly, a recommendation of when to use each type of policy is provided.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Illustrate an understanding of the basic structure of all life insurance policies.
  2. Be able to help client’s understand what types of questions they need to ask as it relates to the various life insurance policies.
  3. Explain the major differences between the four types of major policies.
  4. Identify and describe why you might select one type of policy over another for a client.
  5. Calculate coverage based on clients’ needs.