Proactive Planning: Opportunities from Your Client’s Form 1040

Recording | Slides

Your clients’ tax returns are brimming with opportunities for you, as their CPA, to provide valuable services they need. This strategic session will help you use your client’s tax return to gain a snapshot of their current financial situation and begin to develop a closer relationship to cover all of their financial planning needs, including tax, retirement, estate, investments and insurance/risk management. In this webcast, Bob Keebler and Brooke Salvini will lead you section-by-section through the tax return and provide guidance on the application of key strategies and the best time throughout the year to implement them. You will learn:
  • Professional landscape of personal financial planning
  • How to best use your tax preparation practice to develop personal financial planning ideas for your clients
  • The key issues to consider as you prepare, review, and discuss individual tax returns with your clients
  • Actionable strategies using resources developed by leading CPA financial planners to identify planning opportunities