2015 Series: Take Charge: Your Money. Your Life


10/19/2015: New Ideas To Address with Your CPA

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Everyone must take proactive steps to protect themselves and their loved ones. The integration of all aspects of financial planning, including estate retirement, investments, insurance and tax planning is critical to achieving your financial goals, and there are certain strategies you should consider undertaking with the guidance of your most trusted advisor, your CPA financial planner, before December 31. 

In this webcast, Lisa Featherngill and Martin Shenkman will discuss:
  • The importance of the team approach to your plan and how to do it cost effectively
  • Redefining estate planning to be about later life planning, not estate taxes
  • Improving tax efficiency through asset location
  • Retirement planning strategies everyone can use
  • What you should be doing from a planning perspective but probably aren’t
8/27/2015 : Planning for Spending in Retirement

Seminar recording | Presentation materials

What if you were told you needed to prepare for a 30-year unemployment? Would you pay close attention to your spending and try to anticipate how your cash-flow needs might evolve over that period? Considering retirement planning from this perspective is a great motivator to start setting and meeting your retirement savings and spending goals.
According to a recent AICPA survey on trends in personal financial planning, not having enough money for retirement is the #1 concern of Americans. As you envision what your life and finances might look like after you retire, cash flow planning is a critical piece of the retirement planning puzzle.