Coronavirus (COVID-19) personal financial planning resources

Coronavirus (COVID-19) personal financial planning resources

Good health for you, your loved ones, and your clients is paramount at a time like this and getting your clients comfortable with their finances is likely a close second. It is understandable that even your most well-educated clients who comprehend their long-term investment strategy and its purpose to meet their most cherished goals is feeling a bit unnerved. They are fortunate to have you there to listen to their concerns and to help them feel more at ease that they will meet their goals.

Use these PFP Section and other resources to help you stay current, communicate with your clients and reinforce your role as trusted adviser during this time of uncertainty.

UPDATE: the April 15th federal filing and payment deadline has been extended to July 15th. Visit the AICPA coronavirus resource center for the latest on tax relief, business planning and much more!

Financial planning online learning

For upcoming PFP Section webcasts related to this topic, check out the PFP upcoming events page

Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act
Bob Keebler and Chris Hesse discuss AICPA advocacy for the profession and some of the key provisions including payroll deductions, employee retention and more.

Tax planning for recent decedents amid COVID-19
Bob Keebler shares tax planning ideas that are important to consider with families of recent decedents amid record low oil prices and more.

How to bullet proof your investment portfolio
Bob Keebler interviews Dave Stolz about ideas to consider with your clients to protect their portfolio during a volatile market.

Finding (and being) calm amid the chaos
Susan Tillery and Dave Stolz share how they communicate with their clients amid market volatility and much more!

Planning opportunities in a volatile market
Bob Keebler shares proactive income tax planning techniques that work well in a volatile market.

Helping clients in a volatile market 
Bob Keebler and Lyle Benson discuss income and estate planning techniques that work well in a volitale market and much more.

Living will and estate planning during the Coronavirus
Martin Shenkman presents on estate planning and living wills during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Estate Tax Planning for the Coronavirus
Martin Shenkman discusses estate tax planning techniques during the coronavirus.

How I’m changing my practice, client meetings, client planning and more to address the coronavirus
Martin Shenkman explores steps you might consider for your practice and clients in light of the coronavirus.

Client-facing content

Broadridge client alert explains why it's important to avoid making rash decisions in a volatile market. 

Broadridge client alert explaining the terms of loan relief for federal student borrowers

Broadridge client alert explains the federal filing extension by the IRS

Broadridge client alert reminds investors that bear markets come and go and that it's important to maintain perspective during turbulent times.

Broadridge advisor alert compiles all materials on helping clients during market volatility

Broadridge client alert encourages investors to put market turbulence into perspective

Broadridge client alert looks at the coronavirus and the global economy

Bob Veres compilation of best messages from his subscribers to their clients

Perspectives in Panic written by Bob Veres

Pandemic Perspectives written by Bob Veres

AICPA articles

Journal of Accountancy article featuring Mark Astrinos, CPA/PFS and Dave Stolz, CPA/PFS, on calming clients’ fears during this time

Journal of Accountancy article on business planning

AICPA Insights article on preparing your clients

Other resources

Bob Veres letter to subscribers recognizing the impact financial advisors make during this time.

COVID-19 Tax Resource Center