Administering Entities with approved Plans of Administration for 2020

August 21, 2020

Entities that wish to administer the AICPA Peer Review Program (Program) must complete and sign a Plan of Administration (POA) annually and agree to administer the Program in compliance with the AICPA Standards for Performing and Reporting on Peer Reviews (Standards), Interpretations and other guidance established by the Peer Review Board (PRB). AEs that have demonstrated compliance with oversight requirements for the previous year and submitted a complete POA are approved annually by the AICPA PRB’s Oversight Task Force.


Administering Entity Licensing Jurisdiction Date Approved
Alabama Society of CPAs Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi 7/28/2020
California Society of CPAs California, Alaska, Arizona 7/28/2020
Colorado Society of CPAs Colorado, New Mexico 7/28/2020
Connecticut Society of CPAs Connecticut 7/28/2020
Florida Institute of CPAs Florida 7/28/2020
Georgia Society of CPAs Georgia 7/28/2020
Kansas Society of CPAs Kansas 7/28/2020
Society of Louisiana CPAs Louisiana 7/28/2020
Maryland Association of CPAs Maryland 7/28/2020
Massachusetts Society of CPAs Massachusetts, New Hampshire 7/28/2020
Michigan Association of CPAs Michigan 7/28/2020
Minnesota Society of CPAs Minnesota, North Dakota 7/28/2020
Missouri Society of CPAs Missouri 7/28/2020
National Peer Review Committee (NPRC) All jurisdictions 7/28/2020
Nevada Society of CPAs Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, Utah, Wyoming 7/28/2020
New England Peer Review (NEPR) Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont 7/28/2020
New Jersey Society of CPAs New Jersey 7/28/2020
North Carolina Association of CPAs North Carolina 7/28/2020
The Ohio Society of CPAs Ohio 7/28/2020
Oklahoma Society of CPAs Oklahoma, South Dakota 7/28/2020
Oregon Society of CPAs Oregon, Guam, Hawaii, Northern Mariana Islands 7/28/2020
Peer Review Alliance Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, South Carolina, West Virginia, Wisconsin 7/28/2020
Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, Virgin Islands 7/28/2020
Puerto Rico Society of CPAs Puerto Rico 7/28/2020
Tennessee Society of CPAs Tennessee 7/28/2020
Texas Society of CPAs Texas 7/28/2020
Virginia Society of CPAs Virginia, District of Columbia 7/28/2020
Washington Society of CPAs Washington 7/28/2020