Peer Review Alert 

    The Peer Review Board issues an Alert each time the Board needs to communicate information in regard to peer review Standards and guidance. Annually, the Board will evaluate articles to excerpt and incorporate into the Standards and related guidance. Articles that are transitional, are not appropriate to be incorporated into the Standards and guidance, or both, will remain in PRP Section 3200, Peer Review Alerts.
    Issue Date Alert No. Topics
    February 2015
    (Included in the November Peer Review Update)
    • Preparation Services Exposure Draft
    • Revision to Peer Review Guidance for Peer Reviewer Performance, Disagreements and Qualifications
    • Enhancing Audit Quality Initiative - Emerging Industries and Risk Areas
    November 2014
    (Included in the November Peer Review Update)
    • Revisions to Consecutive Non-Passing Report Guidance
    • Exposure Draft: Preparation of Financial Statements Performed Under SSARS and the Impact on the Scope of Peer Review
    • Exposure Draft: Peer Reviewer Performance, Disagreements and Qualifications
    October 2014
    (Included in the October Peer Review Update)
    • Revisions to Noncooperation and Recall Guidance
    • Firm and Individual Licenses
    August 2014
    (Included in the August Peer Review Update)
    • Peer Review Exposure Draft on new SSARS Services
    • Revision to Peer Review Guidance for Engagement Reviews
    June 2014
    (Included in the June Peer Review Update)
    • Revisions to Recall Guidance
    May 2014
    (Included in the May Peer Review Update)
    • Exposure Draft: Engagement Reviews - Pass with Deficiencies vs. Fail
    • Enhancing Audit Quality - Emerging Industries and Risk Areas
    • Revisioning the Oversight Process
    February 2014
    (Included in the February Peer Review Update)
    • Coordination of Peer Review and PCAOB Inspection
    • Noncooperation Revisions - Completeness of Peer Review Scope
    October 2013
    (Included in the October Peer Review Update)
    • Enhanced Guidance on Understanding the Adequacy of Quality Control Material (QCM) Used by a Reviewed Firm
    • Clarifying Changes to Quality Control Policies & Procedures Documentation
    • Enhanced Guidance on Quality Control Material (QCM) Review Reports and Performing QCM Reviews
    August 2013
    (Included in the August Peer Review Update)
    • Firm Responsibilities and Reviewer and RAB Responses Related to Non-Conforming Engagements
    • Joining an Audit Quality Center as a Corrective Action
    May 2013 
    (Included in the May Peer Review Update)
    • Evaluating Compliance with the 2011 Yellow Book Independence Requirement Related to Nonaudit Services
    • Engagement Reviews - Areas of Common Noncompliance with Applicable Professional Standards
    • Reviewer Performance Revisions

    February 2013 
    (Included in the February Peer Review Update)


    • Matter for Further Consideration (MFC) Forms Guidance
    • Considering the Results of Regulatory and/or Governmental Oversights
    • Clarified Auditing Standards
    • Revisions to Natural Disaster & Other Catastrophic Events Guidance
    October 2012
    (Included in the October Peer Review Update)
    • Non-Conforming A-133 Engagements
    • Approval of Revisions Proposed in Peer Review Exposure Draft
    • SOC Engagements
    August 2012
    (Included in the August Peer Review Update)
    • Recall of Peer Review Documents
    • Changes to the System Peer Review Report and Standards Appendix A
    June 2012 12-02
    • Peer Review Exposure Draft and How it Might Impact You
    May 2012
    (Included in the May Peer Review Update)
    • Removal of Interpretation 33-2 (Team Captain Rotation)
    • Revision to Section 6200 Appendix E, Areas of Common Noncompliance With Applicable Professional Standards
    • Revisions to MFC and DMFC Forms

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