QCM Review Results

One of the reasons that Quality Control Material (QCM) providers may elect to have an independent review of their system of quality control for the development and maintenance of the QCM they have developed, and of the materials themselves, is to provide more cost-effective peer reviews for firms that use such QCM. In addition, the AICPA Standards for Performing and Reporting on Peer Reviews (Standards) and related Interpretations require peer reviewers to evaluate the firm’s use of QCM as a part of its system of quality control, and to consider the impact of that evaluation on the risk assessment. QCM Review reports and related documents are important tools in this evaluation process.

The Standards require that providers allow the AICPA and National PRC to disclose certain QCM information to make it easily accessible to peer reviewers. Therefore, the most recently accepted QCM review reports and related acceptance letters are available via this webpage.

Note that:

  • Some providers will have multiple QCM review reports posted as different materials/guides are covered by different reports (for instance, the provider may rotate what QCM are covered in each year’s QCM review).
  • The number of documents posted will vary based upon the results of the peer review and the report presentation.
  • Documents will remain posted for the QCM review's effective dates in the last three years, or until the provider's subsequent QCM review has been completed and accepted, whichever period is longer. 

If you need to obtain the QCM review results for a provider that is not posted below, please contact the provider directly.

Most Recent QCM Review Results

Searchable PDF Tool Summarizing QCM Review Results


Caseware International

CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business


Thomson Reuters Practitioner's Publishing Company (PPC)

Wiley Advantage Audit