Peer Review Contacts

The Peer Review Team has dedicated hotlines and emails for each of its two functional teams, the operations team and the technical team.

If you have administrative questions about your firm's review, enrollment, resignation, withdrawal or termination, please contact your Administering Entity.

If you have other administrative questions about the Program, or questions about NPRC reviews, please contact the Operations Team.

Operations Team Hotline and Email

Phone: 919.402.4502, press 2

Fax: 919.419.4713


If you have technical questions about performing a peer review, questions about the Peer Review Program Manual, including the AICPA Standards for Performing and Reporting on Peer Reviews, please contact the Technical Team.


Technical Team Hotline and Email

Phone: 919.402.4502, press 3

Fax: 919.419.5249

You may also contact senior management staff members.