Assurance Research Advisory Group Firm Consent Form

Please complete this form to provide authorized consent on behalf of your firm.

The AICPA has created an Assurance Research Advisory Group (Research Group), which seeks to drive research relative to assurance issues that are most pressing to the profession by soliciting and funding research proposals from academia. In addition to providing funding, the AICPA facilitates the voluntary disclosure of anonymized peer review data to research teams who submit an approved proposal. The goal of this voluntary process is to encourage research into the correlations between firm policies/characteristics and performance (as measured by peer review results), thereby identifying factors which influence audit quality in support of the Enhancing Audit Quality initiative. Data will be anonymized before it is provided to researchers such that there will be no indication of a firm’s name, employer identification number, location or the name of its personnel. For more information on the types of data which will be shared with researchers

Please note that by checking the ‘I agree’ box and submitting this form, you voluntarily agree that your firm’s anonymized peer review data will be shared with approved research teams.