2010 Top Technology Initiatives

AICPA's 2010 Top Technology Initiatives Survey

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The AICPA's Top Technology Initiatives (TTI) survey celebrates its 21st anniversary and the IMTA  Membership Section solicited participation from the IMTA Section membership and a selective group of CPAs. 

In prior years, voting was limited to an exclusive community of CPAs and IT professionals including the Information Management and Technology Assurance Section members and CITP credential holders. Each year accounting professionals refer to the AICPA TTI list to learn about the technology initiatives that CPAs, and other technology experts who work closely with CPAs, anticipate will have the greatest influence on IT strategy, investment and implementation in the next twelve to eighteen months. 

The initiatives included in the survey are intended to represent the CPA’s unique perspective regarding the initiatives they believe will impact financial management and the fulfillment of other fiduciary responsibilities such as safeguarding of business assets, oversight of business performance, and compliance with regulatory requirements. 

  • 2010 Top Technology Initiatives
    The complete Top Technology Initiatives list as voted on by CPAs, IT professionals, and others responsible for making or influencing technology decisions. The list includes initiatives that IT decision makers should keep an eye on.
  • Top Technology Initiatives Podcasts
    The Top Technology Initiatives Podcast Series features CPA and non-CPA technology experts discussing topics related to the Top Technology Initiatives list, and how these initiatives are likely to impact CPAs and the communities they serve.
  • 2010 Top Technology Initiatives Press Release
    The official press release issued by the AICPA, announcing the Top Technology Initiatives for 2010.