2012 Top Technology Initiatives

The 2012 Top Technology Initiatives Survey of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) found that securing the IT environment is this year’s top business technology priority for AICPA members. The objective of the annual survey is to understand what are the top technology priorities and concerns for accounting professionals and how to manage or mitigate risks associated with those concerns.

2012 Top Technology Priorities

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  1. Securing the IT environment
  2. Managing and retaining data
  3. Managing risk and compliance
  4. Ensuring privacy
  5. Leveraging emerging technologies
  6. Managing system implementation
  7. Enabling decision support and managing performance
  8. Governing and managing IT investment/spending
  9. Preventing and responding to fraud
  10. Managing vendors and service providers

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An AICPA interactive case study offered by the Information Management and Technology Assurance Division, called "Interactive IT Case Study for Accounting Professionals”, provides an interactive environment to address top technology concerns that accounting professionals encounter and provide a snapshot of what the professionals need to know.

The case study highlights a hypothetical retailer, Endangered Design, a $1 billion business with stores across North and South America. The training user acts as the company’s new CFO and CITP and decides to conduct an internal assessment of its business’s vulnerability to cyber-threats and explore emerging technologies.

2012 TTI Master Toolkit

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The 2012 Top Technology Initiative Master Toolkit includes comprehensive data results, the complete 2012 Top Technology Initiatives Video webcast, and further analysis from industry perspectives.

The Toolkit is developed to provide IMTA Section members the tools and resources necessary to understand:

  • The top technology priorities and concerns for accounting and finance professionals
  • How to manage or mitigate risks associated with those concerns
  • How your client or your organization’s IT objectives and strategic plan may benchmark against the survey results
The Most Influential Technology Initiatives

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  • Information security
  • Remote access
  • Control and use of mobile devices
  • Business process improvement with technology
  • Data retention policies and structure
  • Privacy policies and compliance
  • Staff and management training
  • Spreadsheet management
  • Overall data proliferation and control
  • Portals (vendor and client/customer)

The survey, conducted from Jan. 17, 2012 - Feb. 15, 2012, was based on responses from 2,259 AICPA members nationwide who are interested in information technology. This year, the survey is structured to dive further into the core concerns and priorities that AICPA members may have regarding information management and technology.