CITP Mentor Program

The CITP Mentor Program is designed to support the professional growth of new and prospective CITP credential holders. The goal of the CITP Mentor Program is to provide a way for participants to learn about the information management and technology assurance profession, develop their professional skills and better serve their employers and clients through the help of other more experienced and accomplished CITP professionals.

The CITP Credential Committee will match you with a mentor that is appropriate to your experience level, taking into consideration any limitations you may wish to impose on the potential mentor. As a participant in the Mentor Program, you will be able to tap into the experience of a seasoned CITP professional to help you develop and enhance your skills. Participants will meet with assigned mentors at least once per quarter, over a one hour phone call. Once a relationship has been established, mentors and protégés can set their own schedule for meetings. 

The AICPA’s CITP Credential Committee is committed to building and supporting a strong community of CITP credential holders with the tools and resources needed to be successful. The CITP Mentor Program is a valuable resource that can make a significant difference in your professional career. Therefore, we encourage you to sign up and actively participate today.