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Welcome to the Information Management and Technology Assurance (IMTA) Resource page! We understand that Technology is evolving at an unprecedented speed. It affects each of us every day in almost all facets of life and business. Accounting and finance professionals need access to the latest technology information, tools and resources to best serve their clients or support their organizations. At IMTA you will find resources to help support firm services, integrate operations, network and advise clients. IMTA can also provide you with the latest technology information and tools to help you support the operational and decision-making needs of your company or firm. Visit us often!

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IMTA Tech Innovation Talks: Using AI and Machine Learning in the Internal Accounting Function

In this video, Amy Vetter and Chris Vergamini discuss how the use case was identified for solving business needs using AI and Machine Learning. Discover the benefits of utilizing data extraction to find anomalies faster than prior internal control assessment methodologies.


We provide CPAs with a vast array of technical resources to help them better serve the business and information technology needs of their clients or organizations.

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