Governmental Audit and Accounting Publications 

The AICPA provides numerous publications that are aimed at assisting governmental and not-for-profit accounting and auditing professionals, many of which are listed below. The full listing of AICPA materials is available through AICPA Store.

Audit and Accounting Guides

Government Auditing Standards and Single Audits.  Entities that are subject to Yellow Book requirements or Uniform Guidance requirements and their auditors will find this guide essential to understanding and implementing the revisions to Government Auditing Standards and Single Audits.

State and Local Governments. This Guide is designed to provide guidance to state and local governments and their auditors who are either new to, or experienced with state and local governmental accounting and auditing. It describes the appropriate accounting for these entities and provides detailed guidance on how to perform a state and local government.  It is a tool for use with governments of all sizes.

Not-for-Profit Entities. This Guide is designed to provide guidance to not-for-profits and their auditors on not-for-profit entity financial statements and related audits of those statements. It helps readers understand the unique features of not-for-profit financial statements and discusses related audit issues.

Healthcare Entities. This Guide summarizes new standards, guidance, and practices, and delivers "how-to" advice for handling audit and accounting issues common to health care entities.  Both health-care entities and their auditors should find this guide very useful.

Gaming. Governmental and tribal financial officials, as well as their auditors are benefited by this guide which provides in-depth coverage on accounting and auditing considerations for the Gaming industry, including information that relates to governmental and tribal gaming entities.

Audit Risk Alerts

Government Auditing Standards and Single Audit Developments. This Audit Risk Alert covers important issues affecting the audits performed under Government Auditing Standards and Single Audits and how current developments affect auditing in this area. This Audit Risk Alert focuses on emerging practice issues and current economic, accounting and auditing developments and provides updates on GAO, OMB, and Federal Audit Clearinghouse audit issues.

Not-for-Profit Entities Industry Developments. This Audit Risk Alert addresses important issues affecting not-for-profit entities and how current developments affect auditing in this industry. This Audit Risk Alert focuses on emerging practice issues and current economic, accounting and auditing developments.

Health Care Industry Developments. Discover the important issues affecting the Health Care Industry and how recent developments affect auditing in this industry. This Audit Risk Alert focuses on economic and industry developments, as well technical, regulatory and professional issues.

Other Publications

Not-for-Profit Entities: Checklists and Illustrative Financial Statements. Overcome the complexities of financial statement preparation using disclosure checklists developed by the AICPA. Use of this checklist will assist not-for-profit entities identify the applicable reporting requirements that you need to know and apply.

Accounting and Reporting Practices of Not for Profit Organizations. Not-for-profit accounting can be extremely complex, and to be successful your knowledge and skills must be superior. Learn from real-world financial statements, cases and problems faced by CPAs with not-for-profit clients and by executives of not-for-profit organizations.

The Audit Committee Toolkit: Government Organizations and the Audit Committee Toolkit: Not-for-Profit Organizations were developed to help audit committees at all levels of government and not-for-profit organizations discharge their responsibilities appropriately and effectively. The AICPA Audit Committee Effectiveness Center also contains additional an additional Toolkit for Corporations.

Applying Special Purpose Frameworks in State and Local Governmental Financial Statements. Updated in 2016! This practice aid is intended to provide accounting and auditing professionals with guidelines and best practices to promote consistency and for resolving the difficult questions of special purpose framework application.  

Accounting and Financial Reporting Guidelines for Cash and Tax Basis Financial Statements. Updated in 2015! This publication should be of interest to not-for-profit entities (and their auditors) that issue financial statements using cash basis financial statements.  It is intended to provide guidelines and best practices that promote consistency and that resolve the often difficult questions regarding the preparation of cash and tax-basis financial statements. While nonauthoritative, this practice aid is the best source for such guidance.

The 2011 Yellow Book Independence—Nonaudit Services Documentation Practice Aid, will assist auditors performing audits in accordance with the 2011 revision to Government Auditing Standards (also referred to as the Yellow Book) issued by the Government Accountability Office in identifying and evaluating threats to independence for nonaudit services when considering whether to provide a nonaudit service. It will also assist auditors in applying the conceptual framework for independence contained in the 2011 Yellow Book (Yellow Book Conceptual Framework) and in complying with the Yellow Book’s independence documentation requirements, including the evaluation of management’s skills, knowledge, and experience.


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