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GAQC member only events are held periodically, at no cost to members with the No-CPE Option (CPE is available for a small fee), and feature topics to assist you in ensuring governmental audit quality. Registration and information on upcoming events are announced via GAQC Alerts. As a public service to improve all governmental audit quality, some GAQC member only Web events are available to the public, please click on the titles to determine which events are open.  To learn more about our archived events click on the below subject areas or access a list of events in chronological order:

Required 2017 GAQC Annual Update Webcast (May 2, 2017)

Single Audit Engagements

AICPA and GAO Auditing Standards 

State & Local Government Accounting Standards

Not-For-Profit Accounting Standards

Other Governmental, Not-for-Profit, and For-Profit Topics

Recent Web Events

Auditor Independence in a SLG Environment: How The Recent Ethics Exposure Draft Will Effect Current Practice
This archived GAQC event will provide members with an overview of the AICPA Exposure Draft, State and Local Governmental Entities, which addresses auditor independence in state and local government financial statement audits.

2017 OMB Compliance Supplement and Single Audit Update
This archived GAQC event will provide members with what they need to know about the anticipated changes to the 2017 Office of Management and Budget Compliance Supplement, as well as provide an update on the latest single audit activities.

Auditing Head Start Under the New Program Performance Standards and Revised 2017 Compliance Supplement
This archived GAQC event will provide members with information about the substantial revisions made to the 2017 Head Start Supplement for program changes under the new Head Start regulations and to identify areas of highest risk.

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