HUD Information: Office of Lender Activities and Program Compliance

Lender Assessment SubSystem (LASS): There are approximately 7,500 nonsupervised Title I and Title II lenders and loan correspondents who use the LASS system to submit their annual CPA-prepared audit and financial statement to renew their FHA lender approval as part of the recertification process. The LASS system is used by both lenders and their CPAs (and works similarly to the FASS system and electronic submission descriptions above). To obtain further instructions on accessing the LASS system you can access the User Manual for LASS. The Financial Data Template (FDT) Line Definition Guide is also available and defines each of the line items on the FDT and Data Collection Form (DCF) and provides a list of required fields, by line number, on the FDT and DCF. Finally, for frequently asked questions and answers regarding the LASS, click here.