Other Compliance Audit Tools, Practice Aids, and Other Resources for Auditees

The Governmental Audit Quality Center focuses on all audits performed under Government Auditing Standards (referred to as the Yellow Book).  Many federal agencies require audits of for-profit entities that are generally required to be performed under Government Auditing Standards.  The requirements for these audits vary.  Some require a Yellow Book financial statement audit, along with a compliance audit that is performed using requirements defined in a federal audit guide.  Some just require a compliance audit or program-specific audit. The key is ensuring that both the auditor and auditee understand the requirements that are applicable and know where to find related guidance.

The GAQC has prepared a summary of the various federal audit guides applicable to for-profit entities for its auditor members. This summary includes links to access the various guides, high level notes on the type of engagement to be performed, and links to any related guidance that the GAQC has issued or is aware of.  We are providing auditees with access to this summary document to assist them in understanding the audit requirements that they may be subject to.