Archived Member Web Events - AICPA and GAO Auditing Standards

The following archived GAQC Web events cover topics of relevance to both AICPA auditing standards and/or Government Auditing Standards. Each event is noted by title and links are provided to both the recorded audio and event slides and handouts, if applicable.  Archived events that are available to the public are annotated with “Open to the Public.”

Avoiding Common Deficiencies in Yellow Book and Single Audits (Audio Playback) (Access Slides)
Originally presented March 22, 2016.

Group Audits: A Look Back One Year Later and Lessons Learned (Audio Playback) (Access Slides)
Originally presented February 12, 2014. Open to the public.

The Yellow Book: A Hodgepodge of Related Topics From a Practitioners Perspective (Audio Playback) (Access Slides)
Originally presented December 4, 2013.

Understanding the AICPA's Yellow Book Independence Practice Aid for Performing Nonaudit Services (Audio Playback) (Access Slides)
Originally presented April 11, 2012.

This event also references the following handouts:

The New 2011 Yellow Book: What You Need to Know Now (Audio Playback) (Access Slides
Originally presented 2011. Open to the public.