Archived 2013 Governmental Audit Quality Center Annual Update Webcast

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This Governmental Audit Quality Center (GAQC) required 2013 GAQC Annual Webcast Update (Webcast) covers the latest developments in governmental and not-for-profit organization (NPO) audits, including single audits, for the purpose of preparing our members for the 2013 audit season. The viewing of the Webcast is a GAQC membership requirement for each member firm’s designated audit quality partner (DAQP) or each state audit organization (SAO) designated audit quality leader (DAQL). It is also a valuable resource for member staff that are not serving in the DAQP or DAQL role. The GAQC highly recommends that you and your staff view this Webcast prior to starting your 2013 governmental audits.

About the Webcast

This Webcast is designed help improve the quality of governmental audits by creating an awareness of matters that need to be considered by audit teams; providing important updates on recently effective standards and regulations; and discussing other important matters that will have an effect on 2013 audit engagements. Specifically, participants will receive a high-level briefing on various technical matters including the following:

  • The latest from the auditing standards front, including implementing the new clarity standards; updates to important AICPA publications; and the 2011 revisions to Government Auditing Standards;
  • What you need to know for your 2013 single audits, including the status of the 2013 Office of Management and Budget Compliance Supplement;
  • Activities of the various accounting standard-setters affecting your governmental and not-for-profit (NPO) audits;
  • A discussion of some of the more common quality issues that are being found in peer reviews and ethics referrals;
  • Updates on the status of auditing guidance relating to “other compliance audits,” including guidance issued by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Developments; and
  • A summary of the related resources and tools available from the GAQC and AICPA.

The Panelists for this year’s Webcast include: (1) Brian Schebler, McGladery & Pullen LLP and Chairman of the GAQC Executive Committee (EC); (2) Shelly Hammond, Allen, Gibbs & Houlik and a member of the GAQC Executive Committee; and (3) Mary Foelster, the AICPA’s Director of Governmental Auditing and Accounting.

Archived Viewing of the GAQC Webcast – No CPE Option

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