Schedule of Upcoming GAQC Web Events 

The following Governmental Audit Quality Center (GAQC) Web Events Calendar is being provided to you for planning purposes only. You should use the table in the "Schedule of Web Events" section below to identify topics that are relevant to your practice. You can also reserve the dates and times on your calendars by clicking on the Outlook links in the table. Please note that by adding an event to your calendar does not mean you are registered. Individual GAQC Alerts will be sent in the upcoming weeks and months that will provide you with registration information and more details.

As with past events, all events will be offered to GAQC members with a CPE Option (with a fee) for participation in the live offerings, as well as a No CPE Option (with no fee). All events will be also be archived and made available on the GAQC Web site shortly after the live event takes place. Refer to our Archived Member Web Events page to view a list of past events. We hope that you will plan to participate in as many of the events as you can. Our goal is to follow the schedule below to the greatest extent possible. However, it could change if unforeseen circumstances arise. Additionally, we may also add events relating to other important topics that emerge. We will inform you of any changes, additions, or deletions to the schedule via GAQC Alerts.
Date* Topic Click Icon to add to your Outlook Calendar
09-Jun-16 2016 OMB Compliance Supplement and Single Audit Update (See GAQC Alert #308 to register.) Add to your
 21-Jun-16 The Continued Complexities of Auditing Governmental Pension Plans and Participating Employers (Rebroadcast) Add to your   
 22-Jun-16 Revenue Recognition in a State and Local Government Environment (Rebroadcast from 11am - 1pm ET) Add to your   
 22-Jun-16 Now is the Time for Auditors to Get Ready for the Uniform Guidance Audit Requirements (Rebroadcast) Add to your   
 23-Jun-16 Sampling in a Single Audit Environment (Rebroadcast from 11am - 1pm ET) Add to your   
 23-Jun-16 2016 State and Local Government Audit Planning Considerations (Rebroadcast) Add to your   
 24-Jun-16 Avoiding Common Deficiencies in Yellow Book and Single Audits (Rebroadcast from 11am - 1pm ET) Add to your   
 24-Jun-16 2016 GAQC Annual Update Webcast (Rebroadcast) Add to your   
 15-Jul-16 2016 GAQC Annual Update Webcast (Rebroadcast) Add to your  
 12-Aug-16 2016 GAQC Annual Update Webcast (Rebroadcast) Add to your  

*Unless otherwise stated, all Web events will be held from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM (Eastern Time).

Some of the Web events are for GAQC members only and others are available non-members.  Contact the AICPA Service Center at 888.777.7077 or for more information about event access.  If your firm or state audit organization is not a GAQC member and you are interested in learning more, please click here for membership information.


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