Sustainability Assurance and Advisory Task Force


Given the increasing trend in assurance of sustainability-related information, the AICPA Assurance Services Executive Committee (ASEC) convened the Sustainability Assurance and Advisory Task Force. In addition to various communications and advocacy efforts in the area of sustainability, the task force is working on a whitepaper and webcast series entitled Sustainability Reporting and Assurance Series: How to Capitalize on Emerging Sustainability Trends. The series will highlight emerging trends in the area of sustainability reporting and assurance and provide practical insights for members in industry. The series will also highlight related service opportunities for members in practice in firms of all sizes.

The following whitepapers in the sustainability series have been completed:
  • Accounting for the Sustainability Cycle: How the Accounting Profession Can Add Value to Sustainability-Oriented Activities
    • The purpose of this paper is to motivate accounting practitioners to become actively involved in business sustainability and accounting’s role in its evolution. The article informs readers on the current state of sustainability and calls for accounting practitioners to take a lead role in helping to improve sustainability activities within organizations so that they can effectively evolve across the cycle.
  • The Economics of Sustainability Initiatives
    • The purpose of this paper is to communicate an imperative to move from a sustainability strategy (that is, discreet initiatives and tactics) to a sustainable strategy (that is, a coherent plan to balance long term viability—for the benefit of both shareholders and society—with demands for short term competitiveness and profitability).
For news updates and additional sustainability reporting and assurance resources, visit the Sustainability Reporting and Assurance page.