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Mapping of the 2017 Trust Services Criteria to Extant 2016 Trust Services Principles and Criteria

FAQs - Reporting on a SOC 2(R) Examination through the End of the Transition Period (December 15, 2018)

SOC 2® + Additional Subject Matters and Additional Criteria

Learn about additional considerations when a service organization requests that the service auditor examine and report on subject matters in addition to the description of the service organization’s system in accordance with the description criteria and the suitability of design and operating effectiveness of controls based on the applicable trust services criteria. This section also includes information about the following service offerings:

  • SOC for Service Organizations: SOC 2® HITRUST
  • SOC for Service Organizations: SOC 2® CSA STAR Attestation

SOC for Service Organizations Reports, Logos, Toolkits, Peer Review Requirements, and Other Related Information